Salut! Restaurant serves World Champion Cheeses


Salut!'s guests can taste Bernard Mure-Ravaud cheeses, French World Cheese Champion in 2007

Crazy about cheese?

Salut! Restaurant serves a very special selection by French cheese-maker Bernard Mure-Ravaud: Winner of the International Caseus Award - which made him the World Champion of cheese makers - in 2007  

The most prestigious of the French professional competitions , the contest of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (abbreviated MOF) rewards excellence in the profession. It recognizes the quality of the work and the know-how of the best artisans through practical and theoretical tests.

Distinguished MOF in 2007, Bernard Mure-Ravaud can now proudly display the blue-white-red collar, a distinctive element of the Best Workers of France.

The passion of the cheese was transmitted to him by the family of his wife Mireille: native of Savoy. 

Bernard aims to pass on this passion to its customers. Always fond of new innovations for them, it expands its product range, sets up aperitif trays, assortments of squeegees ...

Salut! restaurant serves a selection of Bernard's 5 Affined Cheeses, Condiments and Dried Fruits Bread

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